Guitar videos showcasing Mike’s guitar arrangements of well-known pieces in various styles, and Mike’s original guitar compositions published for film, TV and games.

Pop/Rock Guitar Videos…

  • Pop Guitar Video

    Get Lucky (Daft Punk)

  • Pop Guitar Video

    Here Comes The Sun

  • Pop Guitar Video

    Pop Selection

Classical Guitar Videos…

  • The Swan Classical Guitar Video

    The Swan

  • Abide With Me Classical Guitar Video

    Abide With Me

  • Nocturne Classical Guitar Video

    Nocturne Op9 No2

Spanish & Classical Guitar Videos…

  • Classical & Spanish Guitar Video

    Spanish/Classical Selection

Latin & Jazz Guitar Videos…

  • Latin & Jazz Guitar Video

    Latin/Jazz Selection

Original Guitar Compositions…

  • Family


  • Looking Back

    Looking Back

  • Looking Back


Wedding Day Videos…

Featuring Mike’s guitar music and various shots of Mike performing on the day.